Why every fisherman needs fishing face masks

Fishing face masks certainly look like one of the weirdest pieces of fashion apparel out there. However, very few people realize that they are also one of the most useful. On this page, we are going to talk a little bit about why you should be purchasing fishing face masks if you are a regular fisherman. In fact, why you should be purchasing fishing face masks even if you aren’t a regular fisher, just having a little bit of a play about with a rod from time to time.


First and foremost, your fishing face masks are going to protect you from the elements. If you are out there fishing, chances are that you are not going to have all that much protection from the sun. A good fishing face mask will help with that. Many fishing masks on the market, including the ones that we sell here, offer Factor 50 protection from the harmful rays of the sun. In the long run, this can severely reduce the chances of skin cancer.

In addition to this, a quality mask can also provide a lot of protection from the wind. Again, if you are out in the open, the wind is going to be hitting you at quite a rapid speed. This is going to happen a lot when you are fishing in the ocean. A good mask will reduce the impact on your skin. It will ensure that you do not suffer wind damage, which can be particularly dreadful if it is fairly cold outside. It will also ensure that you are able to keep your eyes on the water. After all, if it is really windy outside, the wind can get into your eyes which will, of course, obscure your vision.


A good fishing mask will also help you to see fish in the water. They are brilliant at staying dry and they are very breathable. If you are wearing fishing glasses (which you really should be as they are a wonderful piece of fishing apparel) then you will find that they fog up less. This means far better visibility. When you have far better visibility, you will be able to see where the fish are lurking in the water.

In addition to this, a good fishing mask is camouflaged. Fish have quite a perceptive eye and they can see threats out of the water, as you may well know. If you are camouflaged, then the chances of them seeing you are severely reduced. This will, of course, lead to a far better catch rate.

All in all, fishing face masks are going to be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. They can offer protection, they can boost your catch rate, and they just look wonderful to wear when you are kitted out in one. As with every other piece of fishing apparel on the market, it is absolutely vital that you take the time to find a quality piece of kit.

SOURCE: https://medium.com/@reellifegear/why-every-fisherman-needs-fishing-face-masks-ae9d8276512d#.uq4ujv72s